Collaborative Integration

Developing An Interdisciplinary Team for Mind, Body, Spirit Integration

Join Courtney Watson with friends Devon Burton and Hunter Pietrzak for a workshop on Collaborative Integration, focusing on interdisciplinary treatments that support psychedelic therapy. This session will demonstrate how a therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist can work together to support clients in integrating psychedelic experiences. Participants will witness an actual integration session, where the therapist help process the experience with a client. Based on the conversation and their knowledge of their crafts, the chiropractor will provide an in vivo adjustment, and the acupuncturist will administer supportive acupuncture points for integration. Following the demonstration, participants will be divided into categories of practitioners and asked to exchange information with 2 practitioners in different fields to start a collaborative integration relationship. This workshop is for providers offering integration services who are interested in expanding their understanding of collaborative integration in psychedelic therapy.

Courtney Watson, LMFT

The dynamic founder of Doorway Therapeutic Services, Courtney, is not just a highly qualified therapist but a passionate advocate for those she serves. Her love for her work is deeply intertwined with her dedication to serving marginalized communities, particularly Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer Folx, trans/gnc/non-binary/2 spirit Folx, those exploring non-traditional relationships, and sex workers.

Courtney’s passion lies in her service to her community and has led her to transform her solo practice into a group practice of predominantly Queer, BIPOC and TGNC providers offering their therapeutic expertise as a beacon of understanding and guidance to the community.